Saturday, February 20, 2016

Air Travel

Aeroplane, Aircraft, Airplane, Flight  After yesterday's trip, I've decided that paradise is going to be having air flights on time with few if any weather issues.  I realize that many of you only suffer flight delays due to winter storms but out in the bush of Alaska, we have regular issues with weather.

Yesterday, I traveled into Anchorage, starting at a small airport in the middle of nowhere.  My 9:30 AM flight didn't show up until 1:45 PM due to either weather or mechanical.  No one was particularly sure. The agent said he didn't know for sure.  When I heard the flight was delayed, I called in to move my second leg to the last flight of the day and I got the last seat on the evening flight.  So I got to sit in the airport for 6 hours with no internet.

The lady I traveled with missed her flight and got put on standby for the other airline but they were so full, she didn't make it.  When they said she wouldn't make it because it was full, she came over to my airline and tried to go standby there.  I don't think she made it.   I spoke with someone from work, she barely got out of town after waiting at the airport for 2 hours and only got here because they held the connecting flight.

The airport in my town is nothing more than a gravel runway with no terminals.  You ended up standing my the building with all the snow removal equipment.  If its windy, you hug the side of the building opposite the wind and hope you don't have to wait long.  Then if your 12 minutes out turns into 2 hours because they will be here any minute, you mutter under your breath and hope you don't freeze to death or get frost bite.

I finally got to town around 10:00 PM but I made it in time.  I'm happy to be here because when things get cancelled you might not be able to get out for a while.  I'm off.  Have fun.

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