Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lizards, Lizards, everywhere.

Lizard, Scale, Madagascar Day Gecko  Imagine if you will, you've gone shopping at Whole Foods for your weekly supplies.  You buy your vegetables, your fruits, everything you need and when you get home, you put everything away.

Then it comes time to fix a meal.  You pull out everything you need and in your Tatsoi, you find a small green lizard hidden among the leaves.  This is what happened to someone in New Jersey

A three inch Anole lizard was found limp after being refrigerated for several days.  So they warmed the lizard who soon showed signs of life.  The five year old child took the lizard in to show her classmates and after a bunch of oooohs and ahhhs, the class decided to adopt the animal.  The children chose to name it Green Fruit Loop.

Their teacher is happy because the children are currently studying DNA in their science class and the addition of the lizard  is wonderful because the Anole lizard's DNA has fully been sequenced.  I'm not sure how detailed they get in kindergarten science but the teacher can at least show the picture of the DNA.

The lizard is normally found in the south eastern states from Texas to North Carolina.  Apparently, the creature ended up hiding in the Asian greens grown in  Florida.  Since the food is organic, people know sometimes there will be worms or bugs in there. 

The Anole is also known as the American Chameleon.  It can changes from green to brown  so it can blend in with its surroundings.

This is so cool because the students have already received a lesson about reptiles.  A reptile is cold blooded  animal so their body temperature goes up in warm weather and down in cooler weather. So the lizard's metabolism slowed down to put it in a suspended state without killing it.   When the lizard met the warmer air temperatures outside the fridge, the animal came alive and began moving around.

This is such a cool science lesson for this youngsters.  Neat is all I'll say.

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