Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Admit It! I Am A _________!

Pc, Computer, Images, Internet Page    I am willing to admit to the world that I am an information junkie.  I've always been one.  I love collecting information and knowledge.  I love learning.

The greatest advance of this century is the internet filled with free courses, free books, free information on any and all topics.  I absolutely enjoy surfing the internet  looking up all sorts of topics.

Yes, some of the sites are filled with junk such as those sites that prove there is a man in the moon or its made of cheese.  There are all sorts of sites that "prove" their product is the absolute best and the research they show is not real research, just opinion papers slanted to sell their product. 

I love the fact that several reputable sights offer all sorts of free classes like coding, physics, English and so many different foreign languages.  I plan to start taking coding through as soon as I can work it into my schedule. I also want to add time to work my way through a class designed to learn Finnish because I hope to visit Finland next August.

Then check out the interactive books on iBooks!  I've found free ones on almost any topics and I love playing with the science ones.  I collect math ones and I'm still trying to finish one that I started because I wanted to write one.  On a couple other sites including project Gutenberg, there are free ebooks to your hearts desire.  Yes,  many are older ones and classics but if you are a reader, they are free and you can whip through them.  I had a great time downloading many of the science fiction classics.

If you are interested in electronics such as raspberry pi or arduino, there are several sights one can get free information and videos to learn.  That is one area I plan to explore in more detail over the summer.  I want to try some wearable art with some blinky clothing just to play with it. 

Sorry if I'm geeking out but there are places where you can find information on visiting places like Easter Island.  Do you want to know where the remotest places on earth are found, just do a quick search.  Do you want to know where to stay in Dublin, just do a search. Do you want to buy a house in Costa Rica, just do a search.

There are even places on the web you can find movies and music but not all those places  are legal.  I can however learn about music styles, composers, singers, dancers, movie starts, genre of movies or genre of music.  Its all there to explore.

The information filled internet is fantastic with tons of free information available for anyone who wants to explore the galaxy of learning.


  1. Thanks Lee, you are right. One of my frequent sayings is 'ask Mr. Google, he knows everything' Well almost and we do have to be careful and not too gullible. But it is all there for our learning and practice.
    The Blogger's Pit Stop

  2. Thank you for stopping by to read my post. If I had a better internet connection, I would be on the internet so much more.