Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wow, That Was Nasty!

Blizzard, Snow Flurry, Snowflakes  Yesterday, I woke up to a beautiful day with just a bit of wind.  It was easy to walk to work or as easy as it is when you have about 15 extra pounds in shoes, jacket and snow pants.  By the time I slipped home for work, it had gotten foggy and the wind was beginning to howl.

An hour later, the wind was blowing even harder and visibility had dropped to the point anyone walking towards me looked like a mirage until I got about three feet away.  I worked another two hours before finally looking out the window on the porch to check the weather.

I couldn't see out my window because the wind had caked the snow on it, interfering with visibility.  I could barely see the light on the shed halfway to my house.  The light sporadically shown through the blowing sheets of snow but it was extremely difficult to see.  One of the guys gave me a lift home so I didn't have to fight my way home.

Once home, I grabbed a nice hot cup of chai tea because its really cold on the back of a snow machine when the wind is between 50 and 60 knots.  I struggled to get up the stairs to my apartment.  The only reason I didn't get blown off the stairs is the hand rail kept me from ending up in the snow.  I ended up doing a push away from railing, start the step, end up in the rail, pull myself the step and repeat.

The night didn't get any better with the wind getting stronger and stronger.  Things hit the building with great regularity.  Thunk.......Thunk.Thunk Thunk.............Thunk.  I gave up after three different power failures between 9 and 10 PM and went to bed because it was too hard to knit with the lights out.

All night long, the wind blew odds and ends into  walls as the building shook. This morning, I could hear the wind roaring just as loudly as when I went to bed.  I got up and dressed enough I could check my front door.  It required several pushes (It opens outward) just to get it open to the point I could slip through with the shovel and shovel the porch off.  I shoveled the snow off the porch.  The wind was roaring, the snow was not blowing and the temperature had warmed up.

I even got to work in time to field calls on if work was cancelled.  I answered that as far as I knew work was not cancelled, please come in.  Today, it cleared up, warmed up and the wind went away.  I was happy with the way it turned out.


  1. We had really crazy wind last night and this morning too. No snow, though, so that's a good thing. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger's Pit Stop!

    1. I appeciate you stopping by. Thanks for having The Blogger's Pit Stop