Saturday, February 27, 2016

Beautiful Aromas

Over the past few decades, science has done so much.  They've created vaccinations to eradicate a variety of diseases, found ways to help athletes run faster and perform better naturally, discovered and created new materials along with so many other earth shaking changes.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that science has been unable to do.  They have been unable to replicate the bracing scent of the wind blowing off a salty see, the delicate scent of fresh flowers, or the light scent of a desert wind.  They even have trouble with the aroma of freshly mowed hay or the mouth watering scent of a freshly picked apple.

Over time, society has developed a need to scent our sheets, our clothing, our rooms, even us.  It seems that the desire to sell commercial cents has created a whole industry where stores are filled with scented soaps, bath gels, whose scents are at war with each other.

I hate going to malls that have the stores whose products are heavily scented.  I find it hard to walk in  malls near certain stores because their cacophony of smells roll out into the walkways, choking anyone within 10 feet of the store front.

Historically, perfumes and scents were used to mask bodily odors because most people seldom washed more than once a month maybe.  They also used spices to mask meats that were going rancid.  In certain parts of the Mediterranean, people would dry their clothing on lavender plants to make them smell nice.  People would scatter sweet smelling herbs over the dirt or wooden floor to counter the naturally occurring stench from the decaying rushes on the floor.

 Unfortunately, over the years, artificial scents have taken over to the point that even at work there is always someone who sprays themselves with enough cologne or perfume to advertise their presence from 10 feet away.  The scent is so overwhelming, it sends an innocent bystander into an asthma attack.

I seldom use artificially scented materials around my house because I'd rather fill my house with freshly cut flowers that emit their wonderfully delicate scents. Years ago, I made a decision to live with as few artificial scents as possible so I could still appreciate the delicate natural scents that tease us or fill us with wonderful memories of childhood when that first batch of chocolate chip cookies comes out of the oven.

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