Friday, February 12, 2016

8 Interesting Facts about Hair Care and A word about Conditioners.

Barber, Man, Profession, Customer  Most women and some men need to add some conditioner to hair so its manageable. I use it to keep my hair so I can get a brush through it.  My mother uses it to add volume and my sister uses it to keep her scalp softer.  I know men who use it because otherwise their hair tangles way too much.

I figured that hair conditioner must have been created about the same time as liquid shampoo so people could add back in moisture after using shampoo.  It turns out I was half right.

Prior to around 1900, people used a variety of oils to condition hair but unfortunately the oils were quite greasy and often times left your hair in need of washing.  In fact, during Victorian times,men used Macassar oil.  Unfortunately it was so messy, people had to pin small clothes over their furniture to protect them from the greasy oil.

The modern hair condition made its debut at the 1900 Exposition Universelle (Worlds Fair) in Paris France.  Edourd Pinaud, its creator,  did not make it for women.  He created it to soften mens hair, especially their beards and mustaches.  He called it Brillintine which is french for brilliant.

The history of hair conditioners is kind of vague.  As far as I can tell, it really didn't become popular till the late 70's or 80's for women when Christine Brinkley advertised it as part of her regular regime.  There is actually more on male products for hair than women's.

Now on the the 8 facts.
1. Prior to the 1900's women did not wash their hair very often.

2.  The soaps used on hair prior to the 1930's were lye based and harmed the hair.

3.  If you had adornments, wigs, extensions, etc, it indicated you had money.

4.  Natural hair care remedies have always been popular.

5.  Conditioner came about due to needing to soften hair.

6.  The Greek introduced barbershops to the world.

7.  Hair dyes that we are used to using are a modern invention.

8.  At one time, they recommended washing hair with dried lizards.

That last one made me go yuck.  Have a nice day.

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