Wednesday, February 3, 2016

12 Strange Flavors of Donuts.

Donut, Doughnuts, Sweet, Sweets, Hand  I used to love donuts.  I could eat them all the time.  I loved discussing the merits of cream filled vs a cake doughnut but when my parents bought a doughnut shop everything changed. The more time I I was around them, the less I liked them. Even today I still don't like them.

I occasionally have one but they still don't inspire me the way they used too. The other day, I stumbled across  some interesting flavors  only the adventurous types might love.

1.  The Cherp Derp is a lovely chocolate doughnut covered with bacon, bacon-cheddar crickets finished off with a chocolate drizzle.  This delicacy is found in San Jose, California.

2. The Worm Hole also from the same shop in San Jose is a jalapeno and tequila creation topped with a salted lime icing, a key lime drizzle and a spiced moth larvae.

3.  The Devils Death Dance has three types of hot peppers (jalapeno, serrano, and habanaro) and  an icing of ghost peppers (the hottest in the world) and a sprinkle of cayenne.  This doughnut is made in Dallas.

4. A Fois Gras and Jam filled doughnut comes from Brooklyn.  Goose liver with jam is quite a combination.

5. The Boss Hog doughnut topped with pulled pork, potato salad and completed with a honey barbecue sauce.  This specialty hails from Austin, Texas.

6. The Grilled Cheese doughnut from Lansing Michigan.  The bakery offers nine different versions of this grilled cheese doughnut.

7.  The Porkey's doughnut hails from Austin Texas.  It is a doughnut covered with cream cheese, Canadian bacon and topped with jalapeno jelly.

8.  The Cheesy Poof doughnut which is flavored with cheddar cheese, corn, and jalapeno. If you want this doughnut, you'll have to go to New York City.

9.  The Chorizo Chedder Doughnut from Los Angeles California.

10.  The Purple Pig which is made up of maple, bacon and purple potatoes.

11.  There is a dried pork and seaweed doughnut found in Asia.

12.  The Kai Young doughnut from Thailand uses a glazed doughnut and tops it with dried shredded chicken and Thai chili paste.

I'm used to thinking of donuts as something sweet filled with sugar and topped with more sugar but based on the above list, it sounds like donuts are developing into savory treats.  It appears there has been a shift in focus so they appeal to a wider variety of patrons.


  1. WOW! Those are some weird donuts varieties. I think that the one that I would most likely try, would be "The Cherp Derp". I love bacon.

    1. None of them appealed to me but yeah, they are weird.