Friday, July 8, 2016

Beautiful Art

Snake and the dragon.
 When I was exploring the SeaTac Airport, I discovered this cool display of art work along the way between the A and B concourses.

Every whimsical piece of art was created out of glass and was made with children in mind.  Now I admit, I'm still a child at heart so I had to take pictures of as many as I could.  For some reason the digital camera I ended up using hates me.  I just won't let me take clear pictures and the ones I've posted are the best of the lot.

Notice the above picture with the snake up a tree and the very cute comic like dragon seems to be checking it out at a distance.  Both are done with wonderful detail.

Below is a pair of space aliens.  I'm not sure about the three headed and four legged one but I do like the red spotted yellow blob one.  I think its kind of cute.

Space Aliens.
 Check out the blue shark with the mouth fully open.  I love the detail with the teeth that make it look ferocious.  I'm not sure what the little grey figure is but he reminds me of a cartoon character.
The shark and the alien

 Check out the cartoonish octopus with only four legs and what looks like glasses.  Next to him is a curious creature who looks almost like a plant and in front the rock with a beautiful red hat. 

Creatures of the deep.

These guys could have stepped off the screen into our world.  Perhaps they inhabit a fantasy world and came to visit.
Did they step from a film?
Enjoy these photos and if you are ever at SeaTac, check them out.

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