Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pet Rest Areas

Hiking, Mountain, Resin, Brocken Path  You know what its like when you travel across the country by car with a pet.  You have to make stops at rest areas, gas stations to let you furry friend stop, walk around, and find a place for your pet to take care of things.

Most rest areas have that little spot off to the side designated for pets.  At gas stations, you often walk your friend around to the side or back to explore the bushes for a few minutes.

But what do you do if you are traveling by air and your pet is small enough to take on board the plane in a bag?  How do you arrange for your pet to get relief.  Do you take him or her through security to the outside and then back through?  Do you hope you can make the whole trip before your animal needs a break?  What do you do?

Well the other day, on my trip to Portland, I had a chance to explore the SeaTac Airport as I had a few hours off.  I usually end up only in the C, D, and N concourses so I took time to explore A and B.  I found something I've never seen before at an airport.  Just across the the way from the B concourse, I spotted the cute little sign up just below the ceiling.

I have never seen anything like that in my life.  A dog on a leash, so being the curious person I am, I promptly wandered over to explore.  I had to go down a small hallway but at the end was a small pet area.  I assume it was created for dogs.

At the end of a short hallway you'll find a square of artificial grass with a nice red fire hydrant for the dog to relieve himself.

The grassy area is large enough for the most small dogs and each and everyone has a chance to mark their territory via the fire hydrant.

In the back corner stands a shower with a shower head.  I'm assuming that is actually for someone to spray down the grass to clean it up but one could easily use it to clean their animal should they roll in something nasty.

This is the first airport I've seen with a pet area so owners can take them out and give them a bit of alone time before heading off to board the next plane.  So if you are ever in Seatac Airport and you have a small dog that is part of your carry-on.  Check it out.


  1. Oh this is so good, I have never seen anything like the pet rest at airports. Thanks for the photos, the red fire hydrant! Good one.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I had never seen anything like that either so I found it interesting.