Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thai Kale Salad.

The local farmers market is held Wednesdays and Saturdays with a more craftier version on Sundays. Every other Wednesday the Farmers Market and the Economic Development Corporation sponsors Chef at the Market Place.  This is where a chef from one of the local restaurants comes to share recipes with people who wonder through.  A couple weeks ago, I learned about eating radish greens.

This last Wednesday, one of the chefs from Lemongrass, a local Thai restaurant, came out to share a wonderful kale recipe.  Although you can use meat in it, they made a non - meat version that was fantastic and made us want seconds.  I got permission to share the recipe with all of you. It is easy to make into vegan if you want, just eliminate the fish sauce or use a vegan version.

Thai Kale Salad
1 tblsp Thai chili paste.
1 tblsp fish sauce or soy.
4 tblsp coconut milk.
1 tblsp chili pepper.
1 handful of cilantro.
1 handful of green onion.
1 handful of red onion.
1 handful of kale chopped
shrimp or port shredded (optional)

Boil water, chop and steam kale.  Put cooked Kale in big bowl with cilantro, green onion and red onion.  Mix coconut milk, soy or fish sauce, chili paste, chili pepper.  Pour into kale and mix well by hand.  If you use shrimp or pork, cook the meat first and if its pork, pull a part until shredded.  Add in bowl with kale and onions.

The chef served it with a scoop of rice.  

 This is the set up he used to serve the kale salad.
The finished product
 The kale being cooked before being mixed with all the other ingredients.
Kale being cooked.
 This is on my list of things to make at home.  It was sooooooo good.  Give it a try yourself.

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