Friday, July 22, 2016

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies

Halloween, Head, Monster, Skull, ZombieIt seems like society is in the throws of a love affair with zombies!  Not long ago it was vampires and in the future it will be something else but right now, its zombies.  Everywhere I turn, I find zombies but they've changed from totally mindless and crazy to being almost human!

We have iZombie which is a series in which the main character is a zombie who works in the town morgue. She won't stay with her kind and can take care of her eating issues there.  Of course there is the Walking Dead series

Then you got World War Z with Brad Pitt that filled the screens not long ago.  What about Day of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and of course Resident Evil for other Zombies.  Don't forget one of the latest entries into the movie theater called "Pride, Prejuidice and Zombies" the time honored Jane Austin with zombies!  I found out about this one due to being referred to in a book I read.

As for books, there are the usual fictional books with zombies such as Anita Blake series where she is able to reanimate dead bodies or other like that but what about books that talk about Zombie Gardening!  Yes there are several of those in the Gardening section at Amazon.  Add to that the few Zombie cookbooks that have been published including a vegan zombie one for those who do not eat meat. 

Think its all fiction?  If you do a search on the internet you can even find articles at the Discover Magazine Blog, Live Science, and io9 which look at the neuroscience of the zombie brain!  Its interesting because many of the conclusions are based on the way zombies are portrayed in movies and on the science of animals such as the wasps who inject venom into cockroaches, then lay their eggs in the animal's belly and when the wasps hatch, they eat the cockroach.  Though the whole process the cockroach is alive but paralyzed.

Apparently, there is even an annual Zombie fashion show in Los Angeles, California that happens in October.  Hollywood make-up artists get together with models to create a runway full of creative Zombies to show the latest in their art.

Yes, there is even zombie music found on You Tube and in other places.  You can even find  list of the top 10 Zombie songs but if you are old enough you might remember a singing group from the 60's called The Zombies.  I think one of their most famous songs was "She's Not There"!

So right now Zombies have taken over popular culture.  What's next?  The World?

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