Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I went crazy the other day when I wondered through Walmart.  In the paint section, they had duck tape!  No not the silvery stuff that we all grew up with but decorative stuff.  There was stacks of sparkly gold, wood grained, galaxies, dogs, cats, sports teams and all sorts of wild and crazy stuff.

Every once in a while, I see things and my inner crazy child breaks loose and takes over.  I saw that duck tape and I just had to make a dress out of it!  Yes, the dress in the picture is a steam punk outfit made out of duck tape for the sewing impaired.  I do sew but every once in a while, I decide to use a different medium.

From the front.
The general technique was to take squares of interfacing or pellon and cover them with the duck tape.  I cut the patterns out of the squares, taped the edges together with more duck tape and then finished the edges off.  I left one seam undone so I could be taped into it when I wanted to put it on.  Although I taped the seams on the outside, I reinforced the seams by taping them on the inside to add strength.  

The skirt is a simple A-line skirt made out of wood grained duck tape that ran from waist to almost ankle length.  The over skirt/bustle is made of a beautiful bright purple and is complete with gathers and pleats.  The bodice is made of a beautiful galaxy pattern that ran up and down. 

From a distance, the finished product appears to be a vinyl because it reflects light and is quite shiny.  I got a ton of complements when I wore it to a wild and crazy event.  I had a bunch of questions concerning its construction.

From the back.

From the back side.

Side and back views to show additional detail of the dress I created.  I hope you enjoyed checking it out.

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  1. This is AMAZING!! I want bigger photos!! Did you try tinkering with the photo size in blogger? Set those puppies to "extra humungo" or whatever the setting is, because pinterest will EAT. THAT. UP. ;P Love steampunk!