Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fancy Fences

First Panel of a decorated fence. 

I was down visiting my family back in June to see two nephews graduate from high school.  They are the last two and it was great seeing both of them finish high school.  Now it will be like 14 years before the next generation hits that time in their lives.  As I stated in other entries, I always walk around town because I love seeing what people are doing art wise in their yards.

On the main road, opposite the high school part of the school property (all three are in the same lot), is this cool fence with a general pattern alternating with landmarks.  The first panel has the statue of liberty in relief against the sunset as you can see above. I've never seen it in person but it was a gift to us from France.
The second panel.

 The second panel continues the general pattern of white, dark blue, light blue, on a yellow background.  it has a nice relief of the Seattle Space Needle against a sky/water looking background.

It is a beautifully done drawing and looks awesome.  I've seen the Space Needle but I've never actually been on it.

The third panel shows the Golden Gate Bridge which goes from San Francisco to Marin county and was started in 1933 and completed in 1937.  The relief is beautiful and looks like it was created on a day when the sky was a deep blue.
The third panel.

 I've been across the Golden Gate Bridge a couple of times.  All I remember was the traffic on the bridge, way more than I like.

I do love the art on this fence.

The fourth panel

The final panel.
These five panels make up the whole fence of someones yard.  I don't know who but it was such a nice panorama that I wanted to take pictures of the whole thing.  Its almost like a trip through the United States to see the important monuments.

I hope you enjoyed the trip down the street.

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