Friday, July 29, 2016

Golden Days Parade Final Part.

This is the last day of sharing pictures from last weekends parade.  I hope you are enjoying these.  I always enjoy seeing the part of the parade to the front of our float as they move off in action.  The funniest part of the whole parade was when the Zamboni stopped dead and it took several minutes and a bunch of people to get it pushed off to the side.  They finally got it started after our float passed by.
Zamboni up close

Zamboni off to the left of the picture.
The Zamboni is representing Chena Hot Springs which is a resort area bout 25 miles out side of town.  They raise their own veggies using the geothermal energy.  This is also a great spot to view the aurora while swimming in the heated pool at night.

Below is the float from the Alaska University Productions.  The lady practicing in it did some great work.
A Trapeze Artist                     

Everts Air Freight Company

Above is the famous Everts plane representing Everts Air Freight service which hauls all matter of freight to all the surrounding villages. Below is the afternoon tea from the seniors who live by Santa Claus.
 According to the sign carried by one of the guys riding the float next to us "Seniors Rock!"  This group came from North Pole with Santa.
Seniors from the North Pole
 This picture shows a roller skate that is part of the roller derby entry.
The Roller Derby Roller Skate

And of course what parade is complete without Santa Claus even in the month of July.  He came over from North Pole and rode on a truck pulled train.  We were number 53 and he was number 55 in the line-up.
Santa Claus from North Pole

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