Monday, July 4, 2016

Independance Day

July 4th is a day that almost everyone celebrates in a variety of ways but most include a wonderful fire works show.  I remember playing numerous times at free concerts with all sorts of patriotic music and occasionally the 1812 overture to coincide with the explosive fireworks.  

Fireworks, Fourth Of July, Celebration

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen up here.  The only fireworks I'll see are the ones you see on the television or in pictures.  We can't have any because it is way too light to have any.  We do have parades, in fact there is one in my town where everybody assembles up by the bar at 11 AM and the parade begins at noon.  It will go from the bar, down the hill and left just past the post office onto the main road down to the park where it ends in a pot luck.

Fireworks, Celebration, Bright, Pink

The parade is popular enough that people come out and park on both sides of the street.  They even block driveways.  The fire department is going to loan me a red cone so I can put it in my driveway to keep it free.  I'm need to go out and grab my parents who are visiting so they can experience it.  I'm going to try to get pictures and share them with everyone

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