Thursday, July 28, 2016

Golden Days Parade Part 2

More pictures from the parade that took place on July 23, 2016 in Fairbanks, Alaska.  All the pictures were taken before the parade actually starts.  I grabbed a few pictures to entertain everyone and the first one for today is of the band and their float. 
Fairbanks Community Band

The community band is made up of all volunteers from all walks of life.  They have played in the parade for many, many, years and is lots of fun.

Water Safety
 Notice the traditionally Alaskan Way that the water safety message is given to the audience.  I think that might the moose found off at the knotty shop which sells wooden items hand made
Brewery and Hockey

The above picture shows two groups.  If you look carefully in the back to the left you will spot the entry from HooDoo Brewery a place that I'm told makes a good beer.  To the right towards the back is the mascot for the hockey team.

A boat from the Regatta.

 Many of the groups and floats in the parade represent a group in town, support a political candidate, or might even represent a business in town. It doesn't matter, everyone gets in on it.
One Group
I'm not sure who the above group is because they were still organizing when I snapped the picture.  I grabbed it because I love the colored balloons.
The Science Center
This science center had people marching along side of it with clear plastic umbrellas and legs streaming off which reminded me of jelly fish.  I think they were letting people know they are in town.
The Shriners
What parade is complete without the Shriners in their mini cars puttering down the parade route.  The staging area was divided into two parts.  The pedestrian and dance groups and the cars/trucks.  We were parked between the old time trucks and Santa Claus.

Old Tractors
This is a picture of an old army tractor with trailer.  We had fun watching the old man use a hand crank to start the engine so he could head out with the others.  It took him a couple tries but he made it.  Tomorrow, I'll share what happened to the Zamboni.

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