Monday, April 17, 2017

10 of the Best Places To Visit In the Summer.

Lake Tahoe, California, Mountain, Forest

Have you started planning your summer?  I have although most of my traveling is related to either teaching or to the latest in science but educational topics in general.  I do spend a couple extra days so I can out the sites when visiting new places if its a place I've never been.

There are places best visited at certain times of the year depending on what its famous for.  If you want to visit Alaska to see the Aurora, go in October or March when the viewing is good but it has not yet reached the way below zero temperatures.  If you want to go fishing when its warm, you are not going to go to Wisconsin in the  middle of winter.

Here are some spots you might want to check out if you love to travel.

1.  Botswana in our summer is great for a boating safari in the Okavango Delta.  The area is teaming with wildlife and the river is at its highest.  Take a camera and come back with beautiful photographs.

2. California's coast near Carmel is great in the summer due to beaches, hiking trails, and vineyards in the area.

3. Go Bengal tiger watching in Nepal.  If you are not one to rough it, there is now a Safari Lodge where you can stay in luxury.

4. Check out Maui where the currents are better for swimmers. Maui offers people the chance to snorkel alongside five different types of turtles.

5. What about Santorini Greece where you can enjoy the pristine waters, climb ancient steps up to a historic city, or have a great view of a caldera.

6.  Fiji is a great place to visit during our summer because its the off season for the southern hemisphere, thus hotel rooms and bungalow can be less expensive.   I enjoyed my short visit there many years ago and would love to go back.

7. Cape Cod just an hour outside of Boston is known for its beaches, seafood, and clear nights. It has a National Seashore covering 40 miles of sea shore and trails including one stopping at a 150 plus year old light house.

8. Chicago has the free Lincoln Park Zoo with 230 different animals, Sears Tower which is so tall you can see into surrounding states on a clear day, and over 7000 acres of parkland.

9. Check out the Grand Canyon in the northwest corner of Arizona.  The canyon itself is one mile deep and 277 miles long.  Use the Bright Angel Trail when hiking the canyon because it has shade, water, and toilets.  If you want to stay at the Canyon, plan on booking at least a year in advance but cheaper lodging can be found just outside the canyon.  Last time I was there, I got some great shots of nature.

10. Think about visiting San Francisco with the infamous Alcatraz island, go down Lombardi street which carries the reputation for being the crookedest street in the world and other great tourist places.  I love visiting San Francisco due to the food found everywhere.

These are a few places to think about.  Later on, I'll talk about staying home and checking out your own town.  Have a good time and let me know where you recommend.

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