Thursday, April 13, 2017

Recycling Easter Eggs

Easter, Egg, Colorful, Hare  Its that time of year again when we stock up on baskets, eggs, dyes, and candies to create treats for children.  We take time to dye the eggs in a rainbow of colors.  We find time to pack plastic grass filled baskets with treats so children wake up to an amazing site.  Sometimes we even spend time setting up an Easter egg hunt but what happens when its all done?  Where does everything go?

I have a friend who is an elementary school teacher.  One year she purchased a bunch of those plastic eggs which separate in half to expose a treat.  She filled them with small toys, candies, or bits of cheap jewelry.  After hiding them in the school library, she opened it up so her students and parents could come in for an Easter egg hunt.

Earlier in the week, she had students weave their own baskets out of construction paper.  The grass was made out of shredded waste paper.  Its true, the paper was mostly black/white/gray but the kids didn't mind.  They are used to it being white or white with brown spots peeking through.  They never see green grass till May or June.

She'd spend Saturday filling the eggs with various treats.  She had a great time buying small candies and trinkets for the eggs.  Later in the evening, she hid the eggs and other treats such as those marshmallow eggs that are too big for the eggs.  She got creative.

Sunday, just after noon, she'd open the library so her students and their younger siblings could come in to hunt eggs.  The kids wandered through, finding everything.  On their way out the door, they'd stop to remove the treats before depositing the eggs in a box.  At the end of the event, she would match up halves to make sure she had most or all of the eggs.

You may wonder why she used plastic eggs rather than real eggs but at over $4.00 a dozen, the plastic eggs are a much better price than real eggs.  In addition, she'd reuse the eggs so the cost per year decreased the longer she used them and it cut down on the amount of trash added to the dump.

Let me know what you think?  Have a good day.

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