Thursday, April 27, 2017


 Welcome to today's sharing of our local culture.  This one long word is posted in one of the rooms.  I am not sure how many letters is in the word but it means "Don't you want to fly?" 

The language actually has base words with adjectives, etc to make these long words.  I've always loved seeing the word. 

I can read enough to follow along in the church hymnal but not enough to carry on a long conversation.

One of the events during cultural heritage week is when students have the opportunity to build black fish traps.  The picture on the right is of an older black fish trap. It was made of strips woven together.  Inside the cone, is a much smaller cone made out of the same material. 

The idea behind the trap is sort of like a funnel.  The fish swim in it before being funneled into the bottom end where they are trapped at the end.  Black fish are on average about 6 inches long.

The picture to the left, shows the modern version of the trap. It is made of wire sewn into a circle and a small cone also made out of wire sits inside the sewn lip.  The fish are pushed into the interior cone by the current and they stay there until someone checks the trap.

The idea is the fish are trapped until freed.  I do not know the actual biological name for the black fish because all I've ever heard is the local name. 

I'll have more to share tomorrow.  We danced last night for about two hours.  There will be more dancing tonight.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow so you can see local dancing.  I even have some video I'll share.

Have a great day.  Enjoy and I'll have more for you over the next couple of days.

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