Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More SkateBoarding.

Man in Grey Shirt and Blue Denim Jeans Playing Skateboard  I teach a physics class which is looking at skateboarding right now.  I have a couple of students who are finding the whole thing exciting.  Yes, there is a place to use a skateboard but its not much more than a boardwalk.

I'm checking with the principal to see if she'll let us do something with them in the school but I'm don't know.  A few people do have skateboards in the village but none of the kids spend hours doing it.

So for the moment, until I get things squared away for that, we will find out how skateboards are actually made.  We will also look at what you need to know to buy one.  I  did learn you do not really want one from any of the regular stores like Target or Walmart because they are not as durable as the ones you buy from a specialty shop.

I downloaded a video to show and the guy on the video stated he bought one from a regular store and it broke the first time he used it.  It makes sense because if you want a bicycle, it is recommended you go to a bike shop to get a good one. There is no place to buy a skateboard locally so they'd have to do it in Anchorage when there.  This way, they know what to look for.

In addition, I've got a video to show them that discusses making your own board.  In many cases, this is taking a blank deck and creating the artwork for it.  While checking things out, I saw some really cool.  This leads me to the conclusion the artwork on a skateboard can be a good as you see in neighborhoods with graffiti or in the galleries.

 Green and Yellow SkateboardFree stock photo of glass, architecture, leaves, inside  these are just a couple showing they don't have to be plane.

I am so glad I decided to teach this unit.  I've come away with a better appreciation of skateboards and the sport of skateboarding. No I do not plan to learn to ride one only because I've got bad eyes and if I ever fell wrong, it would be bad.

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