Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Just Another Normall Winter Day

House, Snow, Buried, Winter, December  I sit here writing this entry this past Monday evening for publication on Wednesday.  I woke up to several feet of snow in front of the apartment door and couldn't leave till it had been shoveled. 

The administration delayed school until 10:45 due to the blizzard. When I headed out at 9:30, my front door looked like that house.

The walk to school wasn't too bad except for the wind.  Over the day, the snow quit and it cleared up except for the wind.  By the time I headed home, the wind was horrendous.  It literally pushed me across the snow to my house.  I don't think I could walk back to school with those gale force winds pounding everything.

In addition to the stormy weather both the cell phones and internet were up and down all day but I think the internet was down more often than the cell phones.  It made the school day challenging.  They tried testing students online but they only managed about half the students scheduled once the internet came back up.

As I sit here, I hear the wind buffeting the building.  Its loud roar is shaking the building enough to make sleep tonight problematic.  I am heading off to a conference in Anchorage for the weekend. Originally, I was set to leave on Friday but weather reports indicate it is going to be awful so I asked to leave on Wednesday because the weather looks promising otherwise I can't get out till Sunday.

Out here, they fly small 6 to 9 seat planes so they are at the mercy of the weather way more than the big jets.  Conditions have to be just right and so we spend a lot of time praying and hoping to get out.  I will probably teach until I get the call the plane is due to land and then rush out.  That's the usual way it works.

If we are lucky, the weather will clear up just enough to get the plane when scheduled, otherwise, you just rebook for the next one or the next one after that.  I've switched to the service that has a better record for getting there. 

I am so hoping to get there on time because its an educational technology conference and I want to see all the cool things.  I'm also scheduled to present on Tuesday so if I can't get out till Sunday, I'll still get there in time to attend part of it but I want to see all of it.  So I hope and pray.

I'll let you know if I made it out.  Have a great day and let me know what you think.

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