Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Where In The World Should I Go In March?

Desert, Dunes, Dune, Oman, Landscape
The Desert in Oman.
 I've got the urge to throw off the chains and head off to who knows where.  Its almost March and I got a list of great deals to travel to this next month.  I got to wondering where one should go if they wanted to visit somewhere else.  Where should one go in March?

Of course, one can go anywhere but there are some places that are totally recommended by those in the know.  One place to check out is Oman.  Oman is considered a great getaway for those who prefer less glitz than Dubai.  Oman still has villages from the 17th century that seem never to have changed.  This country has deserts, mountains, and beaches, everything a person could want.  March is considered the best time to visit because its right before the the humid summers and just after the winter rush.

Another place to visit in March is Patagonia Chile when tourism is slowing down because its the end of their summer.  The weather has not quite changed so its still quite nice and its a great time to visit the national park there.

Then of course, there is Dublin, Ireland where one can enjoy a five day celebration for Saint Patricks day beginning on March 14th.  On the 17th, you can watch the annual parade through areas of packed pubs and lots of spectators.  Dublin also is home to the Jamison Distillery and Guinness Storehouse.

If that's a bit too crowded for your taste, check out Lake Louise in Canada.  Lake Louise is located in the Canadian Rockies where the snowfall reaches its peak during this month.  Average temperatures are in the low 30's so its enjoyable without freezing or turning into a popsicle.

One could always head for Bermuda for something warmer if that's too cold.  Its not quite warm enough to swim at this time of year but one can still enjoy a great game of golf or long walks on the beach.  March is just before the peak tourism season so its possible to get good prices at local hotels. Of course, if you don't like Bermuda or its too crowded , check out Belize which is still relatively to get to and find places to stay.

For a nice warm spot, heat for Qatar, a country filled with high end shopping and dining.  Qatar hosts an International Food Festival from mid to the end of March.  One could also check out Pearl-Qatar, a man made island known as the Arabian Riviera.

March is a great month to visit Delhi India because its just at the end of the dry season and its about the time of the Holi, the Hindu celebration of the beginning of spring.  Holi is great because its extremely colorful.

If you enjoy food, Qatar is not the only place hosting a food festival.  You could head out to visit Carmel by the sea in California to visit their GourmetFest filled with parties, food and wine tastings and other great activities.

The last suggestion is that people head for Tulum, Mexico, a lovely town with temperatures in the mid 70's to low 80's.  The great thing about this town is that it is located near some Mayan Ruins and a Biosphere Reserve.

Its always nice to dream of visiting places after a nice long winter when you're tired of snow, rain, or dreary weather and want something different.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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