Tuesday, October 22, 2019

It Has Diamond Dust In It!

Diamond, Gem, Cubic Zirconia, JewelWhile looking on Amazon for skin care products, I came across a face cream with diamond dust in it.  That stopped me because I had no idea you'd find anything like that in a face product.

Back in 2011, an actress made the news when she paid $7000 for a facial with diamonds and rubies because it would make her skin glow for the event.  Diamonds were popular in skin care for a long time before this even.  As far back in Roman times, the were used by the wealthy for for beautiful skin and good health.

Since then, diamond dust has made its way into many, many, beauty products.  It adds a bit of glamor to the product raising it to the status of luxury because diamonds are automatically thought of as luxurious.  There are two things that diamonds are said to do.

First, it is said that diamond powder/dust acts to exfoliate the skin to polish it without causing any harm as long as the diamond dust is extremely fine.  When the skin is exfoliated, pores are opened, allowing antioxidants, serums, moistures, or vitamins to enter more efficiently. Diamond dust is said to exfoliate the skin gently but there are those who believe there are other products which do a better job.

Second, diamond powder is said to blur the skin.  Blurring the skin means the dust remains on the skin, reflects the light making lines and wrinkles soften and blur so the skin looks younger and brighter.  The reflective property of the dust also evens out the skin tone.  There are claims the dust gets rid of wrinkles, is anti-aging, and makes skin glow but there are no scientific studies to support either of these claims.

 What is known is that diamond dust is inert, remains on the surface of the skin and is easily washed off.  Since the dust remains on the skin, it is not absorbed and does not provide long term benefits.  In addition, not all products are created equal.  Usually if the product is fairly inexpensive, it won't have as much dust in it as something more expensive.

Another entrepreneur who lives in Amsterdam, searched for a way to use the diamond dust available from the diamond industry there.  This woman began using diamond dust to formulate shampoos and conditioners because of the characteristics of the dust.  In the shampoo, the diamond dust helps eliminate build up of dirt and other particles through gentle exfoliation.  When diamond dust is in the conditioner, it makes the hair shine brighter while providing heat protection.

So maybe diamonds are a girls best friend but in my skin care products or shampoo or conditioner, I don't know.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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