Friday, October 4, 2019

The 11 Best Herbs To Grow Indoors

Basil, Herbs, Food, Fresh, CookingSummer has ended and fall is coming and many parts of Alaska have experienced the first frosts of the season.  With the frosts, we see many plants either go into hibernation or they die because they are not cold hardy.  The good thing is that many herbs are easy to grow indoors so you can continue adding fresh basil to your spaghetti, or oregano to your eggs.

Why not grab a few seeds and start some plants in your kitchen.  Most grow well in pots on your windowsill. There are 11 herbs that are easy to grow inside and each ones add a bit of something to your meals.

1.  Lemon Balm provides a light lemon flavor for things and is best grown for one year.  Begin it indoors in the fall, let grow through the winter and then transplant outside for spring and summer.

2. Chives provide an oniony flavor without bulbing.  Chives grow in clumps and can be harvested by cutting no more than a third of the clump at a time.

3. Mint is best grown in a container because when it's planted in the ground, it spreads all over the area.  Besides, when its grown in a container in the kitchen, its easy to cut a few leaves off to add to tea, or add to lamb or just flavor.

4.  Parsley is a great herb to grow indoors.  If you start it from seed, soak the seed to allow it to sprout.  With parsley grown indoors, its easy to finish your meals as you plate dinner.

5.  Basil is great to grow indoors but it's better to use the smaller varieties otherwise they might take up too much space.  its possible to grow both the Italian and the Thai varieties indoors so you can make a variety of dishes.

6.  Bay Laurel or Bay Leaf can be grown in a larger pot indoors.  Its good to bring it indoors inside during the winter but take it out when the warmer weather begins.  In addition, it is best to keep it pruned so it does not get too big.

7.  Cilantro for that great flavor in Indian and Mexican foods.  Since Cilantro is short lived, it is best to sow new plantings every two to three weeks so you have a continuous supply.

8.  Thyme is a great herb to grow over the winter in small pots.  In general thyme doesn't get very tall and it is great in spaghetti and other Italian dishes.

9.   Oregano is easy to grow because it can be propagated from cuttings or by division from an already established plant and have a plant or two indoor for cooking.  Fresh oregano is wonderful on pizza.

10. Rosemary with its wonderful pine smell is easy to grow from a cutting taken off of an outdoor plant.  Once its established, you'll have a constant supply to add to your Italian cooking.

11. Sage is another herb that is easy to start from an already established plant. There is the standard version but there are also several other interesting types that all add an interesting flavor to your cooking.  The standard version is also used in Italian cooking or in tea.

Plant these to grow inside and enjoy using fresh herbs in your cooking to make it just that little bit better.  Let me now what you think, I'd love to hear.

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