Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Candy Bars

Chocolate, Candy, Sweet, Delicious  I have a weakness for chocolate, especially anything milk chocolate.  I especially enjoy candy bars if they have something in them like cranberries, nuts, toffee bits, or anything that keeps the candy from being totally plain.

Did you know the first candy bars were bitter, chewy, and dark because milk chocolate did not really exist?  In 1875, Nestle's figured out how to use condensed milk with chocolate to create milk chocolate.  When he did this, it meant milk chocolate bars no longer would mildew as they did when real milk was used.

After a bit of tweaking, the candy bar joined our diet and vocabulary.  That means candy bars are over 125 years old.  Just imagine that!  So Nestle's was responsible for the first milk chocolate candy bar.  The next candy bar to hit the market came from the Cadbury candy people over in England in 1897.  The Cadbury company really was one of the first socially responsible companies who paid their workers well and provided a pension.

Cadbury inspired Hershey's to start a factory in the middle of the dairy farms of Pennsylvania.  In 1900, Hershey's created its first chocolate bar and over the years has become a leader in producing chocolate and has a museum dedicated to chocolate. I've been through it and it is fantastic. Soon after, around 1908, a Swiss company released the wonderful Tobleroan bar in the triangular box. It was the first bar with a filling.  In 1921, the Baby Ruth came on to the market, celebrating the athletic prowess of Babe Ruth, the baseball player. 

In 1923, the Speery Candy Company created the Chicken Dinner candy bar filled with nuts and it was marketed as a nutritious item.  This creation was the fore father to Luna and Cliff bars. In 1930, the Snickers bar was launched.  Over the years it became the highest selling bar worldwide.  By 1937, Nestle's Crunch made its appearance.  It differed from most candy bars because it had puffed rice rather than nuts, caramel, etc and it brought the price of candy bars down, making them more affordable.

Look how far we've come in flavors and types of candy Bars.  My favorite is by the Green and Black company.  I love their dark chocolate bar with bits of ginger in it.  Yum, Yum, Yum.  Everyone has a favorite.  Enjoy your day.

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