Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Most Expensive Chocolate

Praline, Chocolates, Chocolate  I am craving a nice hot cup of cocoa today.  Its been snowing outside and its not all that cold, just breezy.  I also realized that when I want a hot cup of cocoa, I general reach for one of those packets of flavored drinks, tear it open, pop it in the cup, pour hot water, and voila I have something hot. 

I have purposely avoided looking at the ingredients because I know its filled with junk.  I need to start making it from scratch so its healthier but I'm kind of addicted to them.

Its like I used to eat tons of milk chocolate but when I dried the dark chocolate I discovered I could have one square and I was done.  I think its all the sugar in the milk chocolate that keeps me eating square after square.  To quote a potato chip. "I can't eat just one"!

I've had a chance to try the more expensive chocolates and some of those have some great nuances.  Kind of like when I watched the episode of the "Chocolate Whisperer"  from Leverage.  Two women were given a small sample of a chocolate and they had to get the country, bean, and percent purity of the chocolate.  It was fascinating to watch and realize you can tell a difference after I'd tried a few higher priced chocolates.

Of course with my inquiring mind, I wanted to know about the most expensive chocolates.  I did a quick search and I found some.

1. Chocopologie by Knipschildt that runs $2600 per pound for this creation.  This maker also has a $250 dark chocolate truffle filled with french black truffle that can only be obtained by pre-ordering it.

2. The Noka Vintages Collection is only $854 per pound. This company only uses the best dark chocolate from a few countries in South America.

3. Delafee chocolates are $504 per pound. What sets this chocolate apart from others is that the chocolates are made from the finest cocoa beans and encased in an edible 24 karat gold covering painted on by hand.

4.  The Godiva "G" collection is easily affordable at $120 per pound is actually a collection of various flavors.

5. To'ka chocolate at $260 per bar is made from the chocolate harvested from 1000 acre forest in Ecuador that survived a disease back in 1916.  The chocolate bar comes in a box with a 116 page book telling all about it.

6.  Prendime chocolate is much more affordable $55 per bar and is created in Tuscany by the worlds first female master chocolatier.

7.  Michael Cluizel collection for a measly $895.  It is filled with almost 400 delightful treats.

8. Gold and Diamond chocolates for $1210. This particular choice is often given for weddings and birthdays for very special people.  Some of the chocolates actually contain 22K gold or silver plus some other ingredients hence the high price.

9. Cadbury puts out a very expensive "Wispa Gold" at $1628 because it is wrapped in edible gold papers.

10. Sworvski Studded Chocolates are beautifully prepared at $10,000 per box.  The picture of their presentation make them look soooo appealing.

There are a couple of others but the last one is a collection called Le Chocolat Box that goes for 1.5 million dollars because it is made with diamonds.  Imagine being rich enough to drop 1.5 million for chocolates like this.

I fear I cannot afford anything on this list but its nice to dream isn't it?


  1. Lee, I had no idea there were chocolates around at those prices. Like you I probably won't try too many of them. It is still interesting to read about them. Thanks for this tempting news.
    The Blogger's Pit Stop

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I loved reading about these chocolates as I'm a chocoholic.