Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poor Lonely Socks

Socks, Colorful, Stockings, Clothes Line  We've all had it happen.  You stick your laundry in the washer, wash it, then put it in the dryer.  When the clothing is dry, you sort it, and you are missing one or two socks.  Just enough to make you search through things to see if you missed them.

I have friends who  routinely wear unmatched socks.  They didn't care if they wore a purple stripped one with a pink flowered one.  Their logic was simply that no one saw the socks so who cared.

On the other hand, some people insist that their socks match.  If that is the case for you, here are some ideas for using the single socks so you don't have to throw them out.

1.  Cut off the foot to use to insulate bottles and cups.

2. Use for dusting.

3. Use to store tennis balls, golf balls, or other small items.

4. Moisturize feet or hands and cover with socks when you go to bed.  This will help soften hands or feet.

5. Use on your Swiffer instead of Swiffer sheets.

6. Use over hot packs or ice packs.

7. Slip your dress shoes into socks to keep them clean when you have them in your suitcase.

8.  Use to store Christmas ornaments and delicate items.

9. Create pet toys with them.  For instance fill one with cat nip, stitch shut and you have a great cat toy.

10. If you cut the leg off a tube sock, slide it over your arm, double it over and slip your mobile device in there, you can keep it safe and listen to music while you do things such as raking leaves.

11. Slide the sock over the mouth of a vacuum hose, secure, and use the suction of the vacuum cleaner to pick up screws, pins, etc.

13. Fill socks with rice and then put around areas with cracks to keep the cold out and the heat in.

14.  Fill the socks with rice, heat and you have a nice hot pack for sore muscles.

15. Put a bar of soap inside a sock, tie it closed and tie to a faucet so you can wash hands before coming into the house.

Have fun trying some of these.  I know I'll be trying some myself.  Enjoy your day.


  1. Me and my kids wear unmatched socks routinely--it's not as fun when they match up. As an adult (or trying to be the adult) you'd be amazed at the comments I get! It's a hoot! TY!

    1. I always wear unmatched socks but I know there are people out there who need matching socks. This was for them.....LOL.