Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why Not?

Cave, Darkness, Explorer, Man, Helmet  On my way over this morning, I was treated to a beautiful scene.  The sun was coming up and the sky by the eastern horizon was a deep bright red.  Absolutely, breathtaking to see the red surrounded by a lighter blue.

It was quiet and beautiful so my mind took off on a strange tangent.  I wondered why men had "Man Caves" but women don't.  Women have a sewing room or a crafts room but why can't we have our own cave where we can hide and do our thing?

I have got all these plans for later on and I need my own woman cave.  I want to learn to work on engines which can't be done in a craft room.  I'm learning about electronics, so I need space for my soldering iron, my electronic bits, copper tape, etc.  I don't know if electronics works in a sewing room.  Eventually, I plan to get a 3 D printer, a scanner, and a couple other things for my maker space.  The only thing on my list that might fit a craft room is wearable technology.

In high school I wanted to take an automotive class but the school wouldn't late us.  I was living in a very conservative place so they were way behind the times.  The excuse they used was ridiculous.  They said there was no where for girls to change into their work clothes.  We were like "We can change in the girls bathroom" but no it wasn't to be.

So now, I've discovered a whole new world out there of possibilities.  I just don't have the space for everything.  I have electronics stuff stacked on my coffee table with my exercise and dance videos.  The soldering iron is at the opposite end of the table.  I have my paper circuit stuff on top of my text books.  I have beads in the bedroom, on the night stand.  My material is on a shelf in the closet.  I actually lack a dining room table only because the apt is too small to have one and still have space to dance.

I need my own cave so I can fully organize stuff, and give me a real work space.  I can actually picture its design in my head so half of it will allow me to dance, do my beading and sewing while the other half will be for the electronics and computer stuff.  The engines?  Well those will fit in the garage.

So back to my original thought.  Why can't I have a woman's cave so I can do my electronics, my beading, my sewing, learn about engines and just do my thing?  <grins>  My private empire.....LOL


  1. Lee, after reading this post, you most definitely need a lady cave. Every goal starts with a dream and you have had your dreaming so watch out for the next step. All the best with your studies.

    The Blogger's Pit Stop

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my blog. You are correct that everything does start with a dream. I've learned that we can study anything at any time in our lives. Learning is not over at 18 or 22 or 99. Its ongoing.