Friday, April 29, 2016

No More Pudding - Unique Places to Visit

Fishing At Sunset, Fischer, Twilight  To continue from yesterday, at some point puddings were packaged so they could be made in a short time for dessert. It turns out that Jello brand is credited with the first instant pudding made with milk but there is no other information I can find.  In fact, it's the only comment I can find about anything labeled instant pudding.  I'm guessing the original ones were cooked and  the ones that thicken without cooking require a chemical to do it.  So I went off looking at a different topic.

I decided to check out the best places to fish in the world because so many people like to fish.  They fish to relax, get dinner, or just because they need to be outside. One of the first places I found is a place called Lizard Island, Australia  it is located on the Great Barrier reef and is part of a National Park.  Lizard Island is actually one of several islands in the park.  Aside from its beauty, it ended up on the list because of its fishing tournament in October where they try to catch a Black Marlin.  This fish can weigh as much as 1000 lbs or more.  The best time to try is between September and December.

The Black Marlin is only one of 14 fish available year round starting with the small coral trout at 23 lbs on up.  This is a place you can't just sit on the rocks at the edge of the ocean, you have to go by boat out a ways to find them. 

I got sticker shock when I checked out the hotel or rather resort that is located there for discerning people.  It is very high end and plush and not something I could ever afford to visit.  A cost of one night would pay for 2 to 3 months of rent.  Imagine laying out $1600 for the cheap room but if you prefer the best, you'd have to fork over $3500!  Geez, for $3500, I could plan a trip to Hawaii, stay at an expensive hotel, and have a blast!

I"m actually more of a budget traveler, so I did a bit of research and it turns out there is a more reasonable place to stay.  Since it's a National Park, there is camping available at a much better price of $6.00 per night per person or $24.00 per family.  It is not a fancy campground and actually rather primitive but it falls within my budget.  I don't mind the 1.2 km walk to the campground.

Based on the pictures I've seen, I would not go fishing.  I'd walk the island armed with my camera to capture pictures of birds, lizards, trees, flowers and any other interesting photo opportunities.  I love taking photo's but they are not selfies.  You will not find me stopping every 2 feet to snap photos of myself against the plant, but the plant or animal or scene would be the focus of my photos.

When I travel I always take lots of pictures because I love to look at them later and remember all the fun I had.

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