Saturday, April 9, 2016

Most Expensive Places to Visit

City, Tokyo, Street View, Harajuku, Road  When I travel, I go for the cheapest way I can.  I've stayed at hostels, campgrounds, universities, B & B's and cheap hotels.  When I went to the United Kingdom, I hit a booking agency after I decide where I"m going and set up my stay at B & B's. I have always had a great time staying at the various venues.

I wondered where the most expensive places to visit are and most of the places are on my "I want to see" list.  I have been to a couple on the list and I found ways around some of the costs.

1. Tokyo, Japan - Apparently good hotels, taxis, and a night on the town are so expensive.  This is one of the places on my list along with Hiroshima and a few other places.

2.Cancun, Mexico because it has developed into a resort, touristy area with the costs attached to that type of vacation. 

3. Copenhagen, Denmark made the list due to its multi-starred expensive hotels, wonderful night life, and happening places to hang.  It is possible to visit here so its not expensive if you are willing to forgo many of these pleasures and do things like buy alcohol to drink in your hotel room.

4. London, England has become more expensive because of the exchange rate so it can cost almost double the U. S. dollars.  Hotels and transport can be expensive but the last time I was there, I stayed in a lovely B&B in Kensington, bought all my food from the stores, took the subway or walked and had a blast.

5. Sydney, Australia also has a stronger exchange rate so its become more expensive in U.S. dollars.  In addition, Sydney is even more expensive to live in than Hong Kong, New York City or Copenhagen.  There is also the ticket to fly there and once there due to the exchange rate, a beer can cost $10.

6. Paris, France has developed into a more expensive city.  If you take into account that a decent hotel runs around $360, cocktails are 20 Euros or around $23.00 per drink, the costs can add up quickly.

7. New York City can be expensive with a decent 4 star hotel running just over $300 per night.  Taxi rides can add up and so can meals, etc. 

8. Stockholm, Sweden has its own currency so things can be expensive when you convert from dollars or euros into the local currency.  It has so many attractions but again the cost can add up.

9. Zurich, Switzerland which offers so many activities in and around the city.  A decent four star hotel can average over $300 per night, a taxi ride $40, and a beer $11 per drink.

10.  Oslo, Norway is considered the most expensive place in the world to visit.  Its expensive to visit, to stay there and to visit the museums, etc.

I am the type who does not stay in four star hotels in general.  I am more likely to stay at a hotel or cheap hotel, go to the supermarket to buy food, walk or take public transportation, pack light, and just have fun.  I've also checked web-sites so I could find good deals on places to stay.  I've asked the owners of the B & B's where I should go visit and have ended up at places most tourists do not visit. 

When I was in London, I checked out the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace but didn't stick around because of the huge number of people there.  I ended up at the Tower of London which had its own changing of the guards and that was more fun.  I hate tours, I hate staying in expensive hotels because they are not as fun.

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