Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Walking Over Hill and Dale

Alaska, Forest, Mountain, Mountains  I live out in a beautiful area near the sea.  It is classified as tundra because its got lots of wonderful low growing plants such as blueberries, salmon berries (Aka cloud berries) , cranberries, and a nice dark black berry they call blackberries.  All of these grow low to the ground but the only thing out right now are berries that froze under all the snow.

Since its spring, people are going out more and more to enjoy the outdoors either hunting, fishing, or looking for greens.  There are still patches of snow scattered on the ground and the river still has a week or two before it is completely ice free but its fun to see stands of water peeking through the ice covered river.

Over the past couple of weeks, the birds have been arriving back in town.  There are enough around to enjoy watching as they land and take off but give it another week or two and the place will be filled with tons of birds.  There is a guy who runs a bird watching service in the summer where he takes them out on the river or up to the moutains so they can take pictures of those beautiful creatures. 

In addition, there are greens just coming out.  They are young, tender, and sweet.  I love them at this time of year because they are so juicy that they call to you.  I'm told that in another couple of weeks, the greens will be bursting out all over the tundra.  Right now, the buttercups (yellow flowers) are ready for use.

I've been walking up by the old airport.  It gives a great view of the volcanic mountains in the distance. Of the boats still parked up above the river where the owners placed them just before freeze up this past fall. 

I'm still seeing snow machines try to make their way across the patches of snow or sometimes they try to rev up enough to cross the lake.  I've already seen a few snow machines sink in the lake because the engines got water logged because they were not going fast enough and sank.

I hope you all have a good day.

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