Friday, November 4, 2016

An Ongoing Process.

Wool, Knitting Wool, Sockenwolle  I bet you are wondering about the title of today's blog.  Earlier this week, I read a  list of writing prompts and one of them made me realize that I have numerous projects that have been started bur not yet finished.

Its not that I'm not interested in finishing them but I have a tendency to put them away somewhere safe and then forget the location.

For instance, I have two different sets of knitted socks started.  One is a bright pink and the other, a sea green.  I just found them last night after about 6 months of being MIA.  Turns out I threw them on a chair I don't use when I was cleaning last spring.  Yeah!  Hopefully, I'll get them finished over the next couple of weeks.  I love my hand knitted socks.

Then there are the couple of electrical projects that I need to finish but I had to learn to solder before I could finish them.  Yes, I watched a couple videos but my work area needs cleaning so I don't set anything on fire.

I also have some jewelry I'm mostly finished with but I've got to put those finishing touches to make them just right but I doubt I'll get it done before summer because I put it in a box in my closet when I needed the counter for my electronics.

I promise, I am not going to be like my mother who started a sweater for me, then each sibling as they came along and finally for the grand children. She never finished it.  I think she gave up between the grand children and the great-grand children.

I never say my projects are incomplete.  I never tell anyone they've been sitting for a while.  I tell people everything is a work in progress and its ongoing.  On some of it, I'm letting the design totally gel or I'm almost out of the color and I need to order more yarn.  I am great at finding reasons.

My latest projects are making a couple animated keynote movies (I just have to record the sound to finish it).   I am getting ready to play with green screen stuff ( I have to finish reading up on it and sketching out a bit of a story board for it) and I am trying to write a novel because its November.  I have that one sort of sketched out, I just have to write.

I'm sure many of you do the same.  Honestly, I hate to declare the project dead and gone when I still have a possibility of finishing it.  Its like saying good bye to a dear friend you gave birth to but who has not finished growing to adulthood.  I'm not ready to say goodbye because I've spent so much time with it.  I've put some of my heart and soul into the project.  To say good bye means I am saying good bye to a part of me.

There are times when I go back, pick up the project, and finish it so I can proudly share it.  Sometimes, not always, it depends.

Let me know what you think.  Do you feel that way? 

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