Monday, November 7, 2016

When Did The Rules Change?

Volleyball, Net, Volley, Girls, Ball  This past weekend one of the villages about 20 miles away flew in to play volleyball with our local high school.  You did read that right, they flew in on a chartered 206 or 209 because the only thing we have close to a road are the rivers and bay between here and there.

Due to a lack of helpers, I ended up as a line judge.  I sat there watching the ball, the edge of the court, and the servers but along the way, I discovered the rules had changed from when I was in school.

Now they go to 25 points instead of 21.  Points are scored every time instead of only on the serve and they no longer have the skunk the way it used to be.   Ohhh yes, the definition of in and out have changed a bit so I made a mistake but I learned.  It was great and our girls won all but one game.  It all ended early due to the plane arriving one hour earlier than expected but they managed to finish the game with a rousing 30 - 28 win. 

Have you ever wondered how and when volleyball came about? 

1.  It was first created 1895 and originally called Mintonette originally due to its commonalities with badminton.  The name was changed to Volley ball after someone observed the players "volleyed" the ball.  The first official game was played on July 7, 1896.  In 1952, the came became what we know it as today - Volleyball.

2.  Setting and spiking were added to the game in 1916 during a game played in the Philippines.

3.  The first specially designed volleyball game was created for the game in 1898.  Before then, they used the insides of basketballs.

4. Although volleyball was unofficially played at the Olympics in 1924, it did not become an official Olympic sport until 1964.

5. The official governing body, The Federation International De Volleyball, came into existence in 1947.

6.  Beach volleyball was first played in 1930, the first professional tournament took place in 1976 at the Will Rogers State Park.  Twenty years later in 1996, it became an official Olympic sport for both men and women.

7. Most volleyball players jump on average 300 times per game so it is considered a good workout.  I love it except when I hit the ground.  I don't bounce the way I used to.....LOL.

8. The longest game ever played took 75 1/2 hours in North Carolina.

9.   The fastest serve was clocked at just over 81 mph. 


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  1. That was interesting and things I did not know. I have never liked to play volleyball but I do like badminton. I did not know the two were related somewhat.
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