Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Winter, Snow, Nature  It snowed Friday night while I was asleep.  It wasn't a heavy snow fall, just enough to cover the ground so we could cheer.  Winter may have finally arrived. 

A couple weeks ago, it got cold enough to freeze the lake solid enough for people to start walking across it but it warmed up again so the lake melted.  This is the first time I've seen the lake totally liquid on Halloween.  Usually its frozen solid.

When it snowed Friday night the lake started freezing again but it didn't freeze very deep yet.  I saw some children running on the ice and it made a funny sound as they raced across the ice.  The sound was kind of a whooshy tingy sound. 

No the ice is not quite thick enough because it made the sound.  When the ice is frozen solid, it sounds like any road as you cross it.  I wait till the elders tell me its safe or I watch for the snow machines and ATV's to start crossing it regularly.  If those heavy machines make it across, you know its safe.

The kids have this thing where they want to be the first one across the whole lake.  Its like a badge of honor.  Unfortunately, its also extremely dangerous because the water is so cold a child could find it hard to get their breath when they fall in.  They do not think of the little ones who may follow them out.  The police make regular trips around the lake yelling at the kids to get off.

Once the ice is solid, you'll see dogs pulling small sleds, kids ice skating, snow machines with sleds whipping around the lake trying to throw kids off while the kids hang on for dear life.  Its a popular game out here.  Furthermore, the school will crack open the skies so students can practice cross country skiing. 

The new P.E. teacher is already talking bout skiing to the next village over but he'll have to wait till all the waterways are frozen or he won't make it.  It also takes a few hours because you can't go very fast.  A few years ago, a teacher did it.  I think it took him about 4 hours to go 18 miles. 

Have a good day everyone. 

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