Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why Wait?

Fireworks, Rocket, New Year'S Day  We are into the start of the holiday season when people put on weight from having a blast eating candy at Halloween, food at Thanksgiving, and lots of goodies between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  By January first, you are looking at that extra five pounds of weight, so you make a resolution to lose weight by exercising more and or dieting.

Its always struck me as strange that people will put on the weight and then make that resolution.  Unfortunately, most people don't turn that resolution into a habit.

Have you ever wondered why you wait till New Years to do something?  Why not decide to begin the change now before you put on the weight?  Yes I know its hard because its a season where we travel, make tons of food, and enjoy ourselves.  Why not put things into action and make your resolution right now to start your exercise tomorrow?

I'll tell you tomorrow some of my secrets to improving my diet, incorporating more exercise even on the busiest day, and not giving up.  In the mean time, I usually set Sunday as my day to get back in the swing of things. 

If I get off track, I don't say "I can't do it!"  I put it behind myself and set tomorrow as a new start.  I figure I am human and its easy to slide but its what you do at this point that counts. Do you sigh,  decide its too hard to continue and just give up?

It is easy to say you're too busy to eat better or exercise.  Believe me, I use every excuse in the book when I'm feeling lazy.  I also know how easy it is to skip the second day, once you've skipped that first day.  It is hard when you are tired to motivate yourself to get up and do something.  The other night, the power was on and off every few minutes for a good 20 minutes and then it was off for a couple of hours.  Rather than choose something prepared, I made a peanut butter and raisin pilot bread served with some yogurt that had freshly sliced bananas and granola sprinkled in.

Pilot bread is a nice cracker we eat a lot in Alaska.  I think I read that Alaskans eat more Pilot bread than any other state.  It makes a good meal and is the go to by everyone I know.  I couldn't get my regular exercise in due to the power issues so instead I exercised the next day.

Every time I slip, I start again tomorrow.  If need be, I mark it on the calendar to remind me to start again.  Tomorrow I'll discuss some ways I manage to get my exercise in and eat well.  Let me know how you get yourself back on track.  I'd love to hear from people.

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  1. Every day is the beginning of a new time. We forget that and wait till the BIG One on the 1st of January or Feb. or March. You are right, why wait, do it now and by January you will have a new habit formed....hopefully a good new habit.