Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8 Homemade Stain Removers

Animal, Animal Photography, Carpet, Cat  I hate buying tons of cleaning supplies.  If you believe all the advertisements, you'd have to have stuff for clothing, carpet, dishes, floors, etc and your house would be overrun with products.

I usually keep a few basic supplies around so I can clean stains without relying on a ton of products.  I have enough stuff without adding to the clutter.

Stain removers do not have to be complex or fancy and most use things you have around your house.

1.  Stain remover for clothing.  Mix one part Dawn dish washing liquid with two parts hydrogen peroxide.  Add one to two tablespoons of baking soda till you have a paste.  Place some on the front side of the garment and rub or brush in.  Repeat on back side so you've attacked the stain on both sides.  Let set at least an hour, then wash.  Make sure the stain is out before drying.  If the stain is not gone, repeat procedure.  Store remainder in a sealed jar or plastic container.

2. The above recipe without the baking soda makes a nice liquid which can be sprayed on stains to remove them.  Its said to work on grease, chocolate, and other tough stains.  In addition, it works on carpets.

3. To remove ink from clothing, apply either hand sanitizer or non aerosol hair spray to the area with ink.  Let it set about 10 minutes before washing.

4.  Years ago, a lady who worked in the garment industry recommended white rain hair spray to remove permanent marker from clothing.  I tried it on a something I bought with marker across the back.  Although it took a few applications, it worked.  I sprayed it on, let set, then rinsed.  I use that anytime I need to get rid of permanent marker.

5. If you want to remove ink from the carpet, use equal parts of milk and cornstarch to create a paste.  Apply it to the ink and let set till dry.  Vacuum up the powder.  Repeat if needed.

6. Use club soda to remove pet urine.  If your pet leaves a wet area, blot it up, apply club soda, blot and use a diluted carpet cleaner to clean it up.  This also works on coffee and tea stains.

7.  Equal parts of lemon juice and water are great for removing sweat stains from clothing.  Mix, scrub, and wash. 

8.  Another way to remove sweat stains its to rub white vinegar into the affected spot, then wash.

Have a great time using these.  There are more out there but this is a small collection which can easily cover all your needs.  Let me  know what you think.

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