Monday, March 20, 2017

Times Have Changed.

Ipad, Map, Tablet, Internet, Screen  I really enjoyed my trip back east.  I discovered a couple of new things offered by the airline.  I realize every airline offers different things so I'm speaking only of the one I traveled.

First of all, the newer air planes have plugs so you can either plug in or use a USB plug to power your mobile device or computer for the whole trip.  This is great when you are on a 3 to 5 hour or longer trip.

The second item are free movies.  I downloaded the app to my tablet so I could watch movies while in the air.  The selection isn't huge but there are enough for any long trip.  The movies stream onto your device when you get above or below 10,000 feet.

The movies are not the newest releases which is fine because I don't usually get a chance to go to theaters.  I watched "X men Apocalypse", "Tarzan", and a comedy about neighbors, one group who were spies while the others were being investigated. There are also a few television shows such as National Geographic, a couple food shows and a few HGTV shows.

I love having access to streaming videos while I'm up in the air.  I hate having to pay for the airline issued tablet when I have my own.  If you want the latest releases, you have to pay for the airline devices or bring your own.

The newest offering is the ability to chat with others while you are in transit.  This is just chat so you can't send any pictures but its great if you want to spend time talking to others.

They still sell meals which are kind of expensive but I bring my own food so I don't have to pay for it.  They never really have hot meals I want to eat.  I'd have to buy a snack pack which is ok but I'd rather have a decent meal.

Long story, short, the 8 hours of travel time (in air time) went faster by having access to the movies.  I really enjoyed it.

Have a good day.

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