Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The 10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World.

Flip Flops, Footwear, Sandals, Shoes  Ok, I admit, I prefer flip flops or bare feet.  Unfortunately you can't wear flip flops or go bare food when its extremely cold out. I end up wearing shoes (boots or sneakers depending) way more than I like.

I hear people talk about Prada or Jimmy Choo when discussion shoes but I wouldn't know either one if I tripped over it because I usually go for whatever practical shoe is on sale.

I do know that both brands cost a bit more than I'm willing to pay, well a lot more.  So have you ever wondered how much the most expensive shoes in the world cost?  Who makes them? 

Well, eight out of ten of the most expensive shoes are made by Stuart Weitzman who head a shoe company by the same name.  The following list is from cheapest to most expensive.

10. The Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos sell for a cool $500,000.  These beautiful shoes are covered with 1420 diamonds.  They have not been worn since 2007.

9. The original Ruby shoes from the Wizard of Oz are worth $612,000.  Actually, only one was sold for this price, the other one was also listed for $200,000 but it didn't sell.

8. Stuart Weitzman's Retro Rose Pumps went for $1,000,000.  These shoes are covered with 1,800 diamonds and are similar to shoes from the 1940's.  These were last worn in 2008.

7. He also created the Marilyn Monroe shoes are also valued at $1,000,000.  Miss Monroe never actually wore these shoes but they were designed with her in mind. The diamonds on these shoes match the satin.

6.  His Platinum Guild Stilettos are worth $1,090,000.  This sandal like shoe has 464 diamonds attached to it.  It was last worn in 2010.

5. Stuart Weitzman created his own version of the "Ruby Slippers" which go for $1,600,000.  The 642 Burmese rubies match the beautiful red satin.

4. His Tanzanite heels take their name from the fact the shoes have 185 blue Tanzanite stones in them.  They cost $2,000,000 due to the additional 28 diamonds spread around the blue stones.

3. Stuart Weitzman also designed his "Cinderella Shoes" worth $2,000,000 due to the 565 diamonds decorating these stunning shoes.

2. He created a beautiful pair of shoes for Rita Hayworth who loved wearing them.  Her daughter now owns the $3,000,000 shoes.

1. Harry Winston created a set of Ruby Slippers to honor the 50th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. These shoes are beautifully decorated with over 4,600 gemstones and are the most expensive shoes at a price of $3,000,000.

I feel bad when I spend over $50 on a pair of shoes.  I'd hate to spend a few million for a pair of shoes I'd be scared of loosing stones from.  I assume most people who buy these shoes treat them as art and not as clothing.

Let me know what you think.  Have a good day.

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