Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thinking About One Day.

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Every time I see this picture, I think about quitting my job, running away maybe to Tahiti or the Maldives but I'm always worried about finding a place to stay that is in my price range.  Just for the fun of it, I did a quick check on the internet and discovered there are several booking companies who let you book all over the world.

I tried looking at Tahiti and found 5 pages of everything from hotels and fancy places to the more inexpensive pension and Polynesian bungalows. The site gives the price for the whole stay.  What I liked best was the site even listed information on parking and if wifi is included in the stay. 

The last time I traveled, I was on my way from the United States to Glasgow Scotland and I stopped in Dublin.  Before, I left, I popped on the internet to do a quick search for places to stay.  At this time, I had to consult a list of local hotels provided by the Irish Tourist Board.  Major companies like, and others were not covering international hotels to the extent they do now.

After a ton of searching, I found a nice hotel on the main bus line, about half way to down town.  The price was great, the place well kept, and it included a breakfast.  It was great because the bus had a place for people to stow their luggage so they could take a bus from the airport to various locations around the town. 

I'll tell you about that trip another time.  I am straying.  I have had a blast looking up places in Tahiti, Fiji, and Samoa because I want to take a trip to all three places some summer.  I found nice places for under $1000 for an 11 day stay. Most of these places have parking, cooking facilities, or include breakfast.  Having either cooking facilities or breakfast can really cut down on costs.

Of course, I'd have to fly via Hawaii and stay for a few days both ways.  The time change can be absolutely horrendous.  Making a short stop both ways is a nice way to make the whole trip so much easier.  It is no fun crossing tons of time zones and arriving feeling like a member of the walking dead.

Yes, one day, I'm going to fly out and visit those three countries.  I can hardly wait.  Do you have places you want to visit?  Let me know.

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