Friday, March 31, 2017

The Most Expensive Toilet Paper In The World!

Commode, Paper, Toilet, Toilet Paper  This has been a crazy crazy week with testing, parent teacher conferences, students coming and going so I decided to do a crazy column.  Have you every thought that not all toilet paper is alike?  I didn't until I stumbled across an article on the most expensive in the world.

My first thought was nothing more than toilet paper is toilet paper.  Well, its not. My jaw dropped when I discovered toilet paper made of 22 carat gold.  They advertise when you use it, you leave gold flakes behind showing your level of sophistication.  Its only 1.3 million for the roll and they even throw in a bottle of champagne.

The makers saw pictures of golden toilets and towel racks in certain Dubai hotels and decided a roll of golden paper needed to accompany it.  They have sold exactly one roll so far but who knows if demand will pick up.

On a less expensive level, the Japanese produce a variety of toilet paper that runs only $17 per roll.  For that price you get a beautifully decorated paper filled with traditional designs.  In addition, the paper itself is made out of the highest quality wood fiber pulp from Canada.  It is treated with the cleanest clearest water from the Nyodo River in Japan.

The toilet paper is slowly dried so it ends up naturally light and fluffy. The production method is adjusted everyday to account for changes in temperature and humidity.  Once the roll is completed, the maker signs it and dates it before sending it to the president of the company for his inspection. 

The president tests each roll against his skin to make sure it has the desirable softness. At this point the rolls are sent to be decorated before being wrapped in a special paper and placed in a silver lined hand made box. If you bought a 6 pack of this brand you'd only pay $13 per roll.   

I cannot afford the gold toilet paper but if I could I'm not sure I'd want to buy it since it seems like it might flake all over the place.  It would be wiser to put it in a safe and wait till the price of gold rose and I needed the money.  If I bought the fancy toilet paper, I would never use it.  I'd probably display it in a case in the bathroom.

Usually, I wait till one of the brands I like is on sale, stock up, and wait till the next sale.  Let me know what you think.

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