Friday, March 17, 2017

8 Spring Flowers.

Flower, Narcissus, Blossom, Bloom  Its the time of year again, when my mother tells me what is blooming in her area of the the world.  Usually the first one out is the beautiful but small Grape Hyacinth.  It reminds me of a small grape colored wrap, snug against a thin person.

My mother even takes pictures to share but it usually takes her several e-mails to successfully attach the photo and get the message in it.

Although it is spring there, I won't see spring for another couple of months.  In fact, it goes from snow to fully green almost over night.  People love planting flowers as soon as possible around here.

There are several flowers which bloom as soon as the snow melts. A few will provide blossoms even before the snow fully melts.

1. Grape Hyacinth a beautiful purple flower resembling clusters of grapes. Small and close to the ground but absolutely spring associated.

2. Snowdrop produces a beautiful off white flower even before the snow melts.  This particular plant is pest free, even deer and rabbits leave it alone.

3. Chionodoxa, also known as the Glory of the Snow.  It produces a pale blue flower that often appears as the snow melts.

4. Crocus come in either purple or yellow and are seen poking up through the snow, creating nice tableau of color against the crystalline white snow.

5. Pansies love cool weather, often beginning to bloom while snow is on the ground. They continue producing blossoms until the weather gets hot.

6. Once the snow melts, there are the ever popular daffodils which stand proudly in the early spring, welcoming the warmer weather.

7.  Lilacs which are on a bush but whose scent is delicate and associated with fond memories of relatives.  I have an aunt, dead now, who always wore a lilac scented perfume.

8. Forsythia, a bush covered in beautiful yellow flowers, is another plant associated with spring.  I remember thinking it was a yellow snow covered bush, the first time I saw it. 

There are more out there but these are some of the major ones.  Which spring flower is your favorite?  Have a great day.

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