Friday, December 15, 2017

New Years Resolutions

New Year'S Day, 2018, New Year'S Eve  New Year's day signals the end of the Christmas season for most of us.  January first, we will have made a list of things we want to change through the simple act of making a resolution.

Often people throw themselves into making the changes and burn out by March, giving up on the changes.  Making a resolution is like making a promise to change habits but its too hard if your list of resolutions rival the book Gone With The Wind. 

The best way to succeed in fulfilling your resolutions is to remember a few things when setting them.

1.  Keep your list simple.  Look at choosing only two or three of the most important goals so you don't get overwhelmed.  It is often harder to meet goals if you have twenty listed versus only two or three.  In addition, it is easier to focus on a few and do a better job.

2. Choose the ones on the list which will have the most impact on your life such as starting to exercise can improve your health, help you feel better about yourself, help you loose weight and make you proud.

3. Be realistic when choosing the goals.  Sometimes it is better to choose a set of short term goals which lead to one long term goal.  You have to figure out how to accomplish the goal, before setting the first goal towards the over all goal.  Once you meet the first goal, go on to the second goal.

4.  Break each goal down into manageable chunks, such as you want to loose 150 lbs this year.  Start with maybe 5 pounds which is easy to accomplish, repeat.  Or if your resolution is to exercise 5 days a week for an hour each time, begin with something smaller like 10 minutes every day or even every other day. 

5.  Establish a time line as it helps you keep track of your short term goals.  It allows you to plan when each goal should be met and gives you something to look back at to see how you are doing.

6. Write down your resolutions in a book.  Include motivations for the resolutions.  Make it a scrap book filled with pictures, notes on your success, etc.  Its shows your journey towards fulfilling your resolution.

7. Arrange to treat yourself only at milestones so you recognize your accomplishment but don't fall into the trap of sabotaging yourself.

8. Set up a support system so if you get off track, you have someone there to help you when you hit the hard times.  Make sure the people you choose understand they are there to help you with moral support.

9. Never give up.  There will be the occasional slips that happen.  Don't give up if that happens.  Admit it happens and get up and start again.  Unfortunately, most of us think we shouldn't ever mess up and feel as if we're failures when in reality its just a small misstep in the whole picture.

10.  Finally, take charge and be responsible. Do not blame everyone else if you slip.  Admit it and move on. 

I hope this helps those of you who make resolutions and tend to fail.  I still have to make my list but it won't be more than a couple things.  I do not wait for New Years to make a change.  I decide on what I want to do and begin on Sunday morning. 

Let me know what you think.  Have a great day.

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