Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Ipad Tablet Technology Touch Computer Scre  After over a week with lots of trials and tribulations, a miracle occurred.  If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I live in the middle of Bush Alaska which means I do not have access to the same things most people do.

Out here, we do not have easy access to medical services, grocery stores that more than convenience stores, roads, or regular air service.

Even the internet is limited where I live.  I cannot get unlimited at all.  I think they are finally starting it in Nome, Kotzebue, and Bethel but it has a long time to go before it gets to me.  I'm still on a limited plan with humongous overage charges if you go above you 15 or 25 GB per month.

Back on August 3rd, I put in a request to bring my internet up so I could work at home.  On August 4th, the company flipped everyone over to a new billing system.  I waited a good week before I called in again asking about my internet.  Well it turns out that when the system flipped, my account didn't because I'd requested my service be suspended over the summer. 

When the system flipped, it saw my account as inactive and it didn't do anything with it.  When I next called in, they had to set it up again with all the same information.  I upped my plan so I'd have more data to work with at home and I wouldn't have to go into work.  I was again told it would be up in 24 hours. 

I waited and waited and waited but nothing.  The other thing is with the change over, the volume of customers calling in exploded so there was a message of having a high volume and if it wasn't an emergency, please call back at another time.   So yesterday, I tried calling in, I got in line, and my cell phone blipped out and silence.  Talk about muffling some choice words.  I gave up for the moment.

Last night I called in again, got through and discovered the person who set me up forgot to hit one final button to send it to the appropriate department.  So all this time, the order has been sitting in a que going no where.  The person helping me had to call tech support but they couldn't do anything, so he called the original person who released it and got it moving.

He said they shot it to the front of the line and my internet was up.  Yeah! until I tried it.  It didn't work.  He said the receiver was up and working so it had to be my router.  I spend about an hour on my equipment, trying different cables, resetting everything, you name it.  I finally went to bed and woke up about 3:30 in the morning.

I tried my internet just because and it worked.  Yeah.  So not I don't have to call another tech support, don't have to buy new equipment, nothing.  I am set and so thrilled.  I am now up and running again so I don't have to try to get it all done at work.

It is like having Christmas in August.  Have a great day and enjoy yourself.   Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

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