Thursday, August 9, 2018

The 22 Most Expensive Vacation Rentals in the World part 1.

Polynesia, French Polynesia, Tahiti When I pass through Washington state, I often buy lottery tickets because there are machines designed to sell people lottery tickets without ever leaving the secured part of the airport.

I dream of winning so I can quit work, build or buy that dream house, go to all the places on my bucket list, and be able to buy anything I want without breaking the budget.  I suspect we all have that dream.

Generally when I travel, I find the cheapest fare, cheapest hotel or hostel, etc so the holiday does not cost an arm and a leg.  So where could you go if you won the lottery and wanted to go to some of the most expensive vacation places on earth?

1.  Pikaia Lodge in the Galapagos Islands. It is a place that is accessible to all the other islands.  Their restaurant sits at the edge of the crater.  Everyone is allowed to wander about checking out the huge tortoises.  For the low cost of $10,250 per week, you can rent a pool side suite.

2. The Villa at North Islands in the Seychelles has a private resort with only 11 villas, anyone of which will only set you back a minimum of $11,000 per night.  Think of 8000 square feet with wooden decks, a coconut grove, and even a private entrance giving access to a private beach.

3. The Post House at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California. The most expensive room at just under  $4400 per night has floor to ceiling windows, and private Jacuzzis.  In addition, there are fantastic views of the ocean.

4. Bisate Lodge located near the Volcano National Park in Rawanda.  The six villas are built to resemble royal lodges with central fireplaces and decks built to observe the near by volcanoes.  If you prefer to work, you can help out with the country's reforestation project.  All this for just $1,100 per night.

5. White Deserts one day trip to Antarctica.  You will travel by private jet from Capetown, South Africa to Antarctica where you are given a full eight hours to explore the area.  Just before heading back you will be treated to a gourmet champagne dinner.  This one day adventure will cost you $195,000.

6. Tierra Patagonia resort in Chili offers spectacular views of mountains in the Torres del Paine National Park.  The hotel encourages guests to sit on a couch, enjoying a glass of local wine while checking out the mountain view through floor to ceiling windows.  This will set you back about $3,400 per person per night.

7. Hill Top Villa on Laucala Island, Fiji is quite isolated.  The resort is accessible only by private road on an island that is privately owned.  For $44,000 per night you can enjoy the seclusion, if the island's owner approves you.

8. In Paris, France, you could rent the Penthouse apartment at the Hotel Georges V.  This place has a clear view of the Eiffel Tower on the other side of the Seine.  In addition, the apartment has so many luxury items including a marble infinity bathtub which could be yours for a measly $26,500 per night.

9. Necker Island, a privately owned island in the British Virgin Island offers a large variety of wildlife for viewing along with scuba diving, water skiing, or sailing for only $80,000 per night for you and up to 33 of your closest friends.

10. Villa Manzu located in Costa Rica.  This eight suite building is located on 5 acres of isolated land.  Guests may access the wine room for sommelier chosen wines and cigars as part of the $16,500 per night charge.

11.  The Africa House in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa.  The Africa House is found at the Royal Malewane. It is an air conditioned six bedroom house complete with four post beds.  They offer hunting with private guides, meals prepared by private chef's and access to a wonderful spa all for $15,000 per night for up to 8 guests.  It is possible to rent the whole place for $51,000 nightly.

This is the first half of the list. I hope you enjoyed this.  I love to dream and maybe one day I might get to visit one of these places but more tomorrow. 

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