Friday, February 9, 2018

11 Weird Jobs

Baby, Girl, Sleep, Child, Toddler  I've always wondered about doing something else in life.  Maybe write a book, start a business, become a famous artist who creates paintings no one understands but who is paid a ton of money for them.  I'm thinking inside the box, not outside to the odd jobs no one thinks about.

Did you ever think about becoming a professional sleeper?  A professional sleeper was hired by a hotel in Finland to test its beds for comfort.  The person sleeps in one bed each night before writing a review.  I'd wonder about this because everyone likes a different hardness.

Then there is the man who gets paid to watch paint dry in the United Kingdom.  He paints cardboard with new paint mixtures, then times how long it takes the paint to dry while watching for changes in texture and color.

Third is the full time Netflix watcher where Netflix hired a person to watch all its content before it is released to the public so the tags are all correct.  This means if a person wants a romantic comedy, they find it easier to locate.

In Japan, you could get a job as a Train Pusher.  You are the person who helps shove people into trains from the outside before the doors close. 

In Southeast Asia, the more people crying at a funeral, the better so people hire professional mourners to cry loudly and weep throughout the service.

If you want a dangerous job, apply for one as a snake milker. This person is paid to milk venom from poisonous snakes for use in antivenom and other medicines.

Perhaps you'd enjoy being a dog food taster who tries all new products to report on the flavors.  They compare the new product with others for flavor and texture.

Maybe you'd rather be hired to remove gum from tables, theaters, and sidewalks.  When gum has been stuck to tables for a while, it becomes quiet hard.

If you are good at creating portraits from ash, there is a company who would love to hire you to do it with people's ashes after their death.

Of course, if you are good at apologizing, you could get a job in Japan as a professional who are hired to apologize on behalf of people.

And last for today, is the professional elephant dresser who works hard on dressing elephants up for ceremonies in places like Sri Lanka.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.


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