Friday, December 18, 2015

A Cowboy Breakfast.

Biscuits, Gravy, Breakfast, Food  Today the breakfast special was a truly popular dish that most of the village loves and floods the eating establishment.  One of the guys spread the word that the cowboy breakfast was being served and next thing you knew the place was flooded with people.  

I had never heard biscuits and gravy being called that before.  The first time I ran across biscuits and gravy was in a small diner in New Mexico.  I'm not sure what I ordered but the biscuits and gravy came as part of the breakfast.  The gravy came in a bowl. It was just this white pasty congealed mass on the plate with the biscuits.  I had to ask what it was because I tried to figure out why they would serve me wallpaper paste!

To me, this was strictly a southern dish and honestly, I don't care for that dish all that much.  I"ll take a mushroom gravy poured over a couple scoops of rice topped off with a gently fried egg.  Its a Hawaiian dish that is a traditional breakfast.  Up north, you are more likely to have had sourdough pancakes which are really great. 

You know, I don't mind cooked eggs with melted cheese (real cheese, not the fake stuff) in the middle of some biscuits.  I also love peanut butter and tropical fruit jellies.  I will even take gravy on my biscuits if its a runny mushroom type gravy that gently flavors but does not overwhelm things. 

If I don't get out tonight maybe I'll make some creamed eggs on biscuits for dinner.  Have a good evening everyone.

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