Sunday, December 13, 2015


Cookie, Pastries, SweetTis the season to bake cookies, more cookies than you ever make at one time.  A time to make everyone's favorites to share with visitors and neighbors.

I usually make shortbread and pecan shortbread from scratch.  I love using butter and powdered sugar to make the cookie richer and smoother.  For pecan shortbread, I chop pecans into tiny pieces and add them to the flour before I cut in the butter.  I've used several different recipes from the United Kingdom and they all work out well.  Granulated sugar makes the cookies too grainy for my taste.

A family member makes Mint Surprise Cookies.  They look like the cookies with the chocolate kisses but the chocolate is in the middle so when you bit into the cookie, the mint chocolate flavor seeps into your mouth.  It is best warm while the chocolate is still cool enough to eat and still be gooey.  These are fun to make.    If you use the toll house cookie recipe without the chocolate chip cookies, its really close.  When assembling the cookies, take two small pieces of dough and slide a mint chocolate candy disk between them.  Make sure you can't see the disk and then bake.   I get the candy from Michaels.

I found this recipe for Chocolate Candy Cane Crunch Cookies that sound absolutely mouth watering by Rebecca at the Strength and Sunshine blog.  They look so awesome I plan to try them when I visit my parents house at Christmas time.  The best thing is that the cookies are gluten free.  I have a member of the family who is allergic to wheat and I've had trouble finding gluten free recipes that look really good.  I  may make them tomorrow. The same web site has 12 cookie recipes that are labeled vegan and gluten free.  I am going to have to try the cookies based on the pictures.

My mother always makes some wonderful chocolate chip cookies with lots of ooey gooey chocolate and crunchy nuts.  She often has grandchildren and now great grandchildren help her make them so they can take some home.  They love that she is the cookie grandmother/great grandmother.

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