Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Prolific Writing.

Blogger, Writer, Blog  Have you ever looked at the free e-books offered on some of the bookstore web sites?  Many books are offered again and again and many are offered by the same authors.

Today I sorted through 21 pages of free books on Business and Investing.  Many of them had great reviews but so many others either have not been reviewed or received bad reviews.

I noticed a couple of things about these books.
1.  Most were in the 25 to 40 page range offering to share all their secrets of whatever the business topic.
2.  Many were offered by the same author.
3.  Quite a few had absolutely no reviews.
4.  They are free.

The other day, I checked out a couple free lancer websites because I am exploring the possibility of going that way when I leave my current job.  Many of the ads covered the following:
1.  Ghost writing e-books on specific non-fiction topics and some fiction. 
2.  Blog content for blogs run by people who either don't have the time or skills or knowledge.
3.  Web Content.

A commonality with all the ads for writers is simply that all rights belong to the person who does the hiring.  It also explains how some people are able to publish so many books in one area.  This follows the topic of one free book I downloaded.  The book was all about hiring people to write your books while you market them and take credit for the material. Its one way to build your empire.

However, it also explains the poor reviews on certain books.  Reviews that include comments about needing the material edited due to poor spelling and grammar, vague content that really doesn't cover the topic. I checked one author who has published just over 125 books in about 6 months which tells me, he either got them all in place before he started publishing or he hired a bunch of free lancers to do the writing.

I feel as if I'm straddling a fence on this topic.  It doesn't seem right to claim somebody elses work as your own even though you paid for it vs the you want to publish so you hire other people who make their living doing this type of work.

I will admit that I've toyed with the idea of actually doing some ghost writing as a way of earning extra money.  I think I'd do better writing reviews for books at least for now.  Its something I can easily fit into my busy schedule and I enjoy writing reviews.  I'd love to expand out to providing research for people as I love researching but that will be a while yet.

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