Thursday, December 24, 2015

Coffee Makers, Soup and Convience.

Coffeemaker, Machine, Coffee, Pot  Due to not having a regular television signal, I've grown used to watching DVD's and I  avoid commercials. So when I travel, I ended up watching the commercials and some are cute, while others turn out to be quite educational.

Over the past couple of days, I've seen products developed for those pod coffee makers.  The one you slide that little cup into, turn it on, and the hot water flows through it to make a single serving of either coffee or tea.

There were two commercials that caught my eye.  The first was done by a soup company.  The commercial was so subtle, it took me two or three times to realize the company had designed several varieties of soup that worked for this machine.

These soups are labeled "Fresh Brewed".  Apparently, the broth comes in the cup or pod which is slipped into machine for the water to run through into the coffee cup filled with the noodles, beans, etc.  After filling the reservoir, hit the switch and watch your soup being made. 

The second eliminates filling the reservoir.  One  of the appliance manufacturers has just designed a brand new refrigerator with a built in pod coffee maker.  Just think of it, the same water line that provides ice can also provide coffee, tea, or soup! 

I don't get to a real grocery store that often due to where I live.  My stores are more like 7-11 type stores so when I do visit a real grocery store, I am absolutely amazed at the number of simple dishes you only need to pop into the microwave and you've got a meal.  No need to know how to cook.

Unfortunately, when you don't cook, you miss out on so many healthy dishes you can make without all the salt, fat, and sugar found in manufactured foods.   Yes, I do eat more of that type of food when I'm visiting people or out traveling.  I also use things like canned foods because I live so far out that the price of fresh food can be extremely expensive if it arrives without being frozen.

The other spring I paid almost $14.00 for a cantaloupe and a $1.00 per banana.  I order in a box of fresh fruits and vegetables every two weeks so I can make healthy dishes for myself every day.  
I often add vegetables to my beans and rice, or create a sauce to throw over my pasta.  When I cook, I can choose to go anywhere and eat anything I can find a recipe for.

In case you are wondering, I own an electric water heater for my tea so I get the right temperature water, otherwise I don't own any fancy tea or coffee makers.

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