Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oh The Weather Out There Is????

House, Snow, Buried, Winter, December  The weather this Yule season has been unpredictable.  I've been hearing about tornadoes hitting places in Texas, Missouri, and even in New Mexico.  

Tornadoes don't usually hit at this time of year but the weather conditions have been perfect to cause tornadoes to form, strike, and leave a path of damage.

I have never been in a tornado but I've lived in places where there were tornadoes several miles away but the wind was strong enough to rip a fence out of the ground in one place.  The other time I had a close encounter was on a camping trip.  We could see the funnel clouds off in the distance and I ended up sleeping in a friends car because the wind was trying to rip my tent out of the ground while I was in it.

It was scary and I hate being anywhere near a tornado.  No one has a choice when the weather conditions are perfect for tornadoes to form.

I've also had the privilege of being in a cyclone which is almost as powerful as a tornado or hurricane.  I remember having to put my bed, mattress side against the window, to protect the room because the winds were so strong.  Yes the window broke but I had enough protection that I didn't get hurt by flying debris. 

I noticed that the weather stream that caused the tornadoes, headed in an easterly direction with snow and blizzards.  I heard that over 3000 flights were delayed or cancelled nationwide yesterday and today they are expecting in the 2000 flight cancellation range. 

Some news folks were at the Chicago-O'Hare airport reporting on the state of delays and cancellations.  I gather there are so many delays that at least one airline is asking people to tweet in their requests to be rescheduled.  Isn't that cool.  A new use for tweets.  I think this is the first time I've heard of social media being used by an airline for rescheduling purposes.

I'm up in the Northwest right now.  The weather has changed from teasing rain with flakes of snow to nice and sunny.  Beautifully sunny even.  I'm not worried about the weather prohibiting my getting back to my home state but it may be an issue trying to fly the last leg home. 

I hope that those who are stuck in airports are soon able to travel and get where they are going.  Good luck to all who are traveling.

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